Bangin’ Body is all about cross training and has something for everybody! Pushing your body to its limits while still having fun is the heartbeat of the Bangin’ Body philosophy. You’ll never get bored as you move through the 7 different Branches, from BASE to BARRE to BALANCE, all the way to our signature bootylicious dance cardio, Bangin’ Body BEATS.


BEATS is a super fun, easy-to-follow dance-cardio party with the perfect amount of booty shaking and muscle conditioning mixed in to get it right & tight!

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BURN is our answer to HIIT. This is NOT a dance class, but every squat, every lunge, and every burpee is done to the beat of the hottest music to keep it fun, helping you make it to that last rep... and maybe even three more!

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BASE is all about that mat! Here is where we lay the foundation for all of the muscle and core work that we do in Bangin’ Body.

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BARRE is a hybrid barre workout of ballet techniques, athleticism, and more swag than you’ve ever seen at the barre! Get ready to lengthen, tone, and bring out your inner sexy ballerina!

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BANDS are definitely my favorite piece of equipment, as they can change your body with a quickness! We use these bad boys for everything from full-body toning to twerking! Every type of band we use in every resistance weight is included in your BANGIN' BODY BOX.

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⚠️WARNING⚠️ This ain’t your guru’s yoga!

BALANCE is yoga in a way that only BANGIN’ BODY would bring it to you! I mean, have you ever twerked in your yoga practice before? BALANCE is a hybrid yoga class done to the beat of the music.

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BANGIN’ BODY BITES is our nutrition program that meets you where you are and allows you the flexibility to create personalized rituals and routines that will give you lifelong results! The recipes & meal plans paired with the Bangin’ Body workout will get you in the best mental and physical shape of your life!

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