Bangin Body is both the most challenging AND the most FUN fitness class I have ever taken! I always feel so sexy, strong and powerful after class with JJ! Total game changer!

JJ’s class is the BEST! Her playlist is so fun and she incorporates sexy, fresh cardio hip hop moves to the beat. The muscle conditioning is killer, but amazing - especially for women looking for that toned dancer’s body. I’ve been in the best shape of my life thanks to her!

One of the best dance classes and workouts I’ve ever had. JJ and her team are electric, and whether you have dance experience or not, you can participate at your pace. I’m hooked!

It was more challenging than expected, in a great way. I got a fantastic workout in, and it was so fun!

Literally the best class in LA! Such a fun, fast pace, strenuous, sweaty, and complete body work out. Complete with ratchet music to make you forget you're not the best dancer and just have fun while sweating it out!

I LOVED this class! Sammye is always amazing and has such good energy! Even if you're not a seasoned hip hop dancer, you'll love this class. Its easy to follow and such a great workout!

FANTASTIC!!!! I'm obsessed with this class. JJ and Sammye make each class really fun and kick your butt into bangin' body shape.

You. Will. Sweat! This is a hip hop based dance class that will work your body head to toe. JJ is a celebrity choreographer and her body is proof of the work she puts in. High energy, great music. Come uninhibited and ready to work. Not for the timid!

Ok first of all...The instructor is energetic, encouraging and fun. Have you ever been to a workout class, and the instructor's body doesn't look like #goals? Well, JJ is #goals. She keeps your heart rate up, but allows very quick breaks in between routines that are much needed! You will get a FULL body workout in this class, have fun, pop it, etc. Best of LA dance workouts!