Build Your Own Bangin’ Body

The BYOBB (“Build-Your-Own-Bangin’ Body”) feature is quite unique to the Bangin’ Body program and one of my favorite features! Here you can choose from hundreds of your favorite dance cardio and HIIT routines, muscle sequences, and yoga series, and arrange them into your dream class with your desired focus, style, flow and length of time. How dope is that?!

It’s especially great for cardio! The Beats (dance cardio) & Burn (HIIT) routines are filmed in 5 minute segments—making them the perfect length to utilize the BYOBB function to create whatever style and length of class you want, using your favorite routines! Additionally, all the BEATS dance cardio videos have a corresponding tutorial in the BREAKDOWNS section of the platform. So, let’s say you want to learn a new routine in your workout today—for example, learning the routine “Shekini”. You can select the “Shekini” breakdown (tutorial) and the “Shekini” routine itself and slide them both over into your class queue. And if you want to get some extra practice in and really master a routine, you can select the number of replays you want of any video, so that you can practice as many times as you need until you feel confident enough to slay your favorite routines in class!

Once you are done selecting videos for your workout, you simply press play and the videos will automatically flow one right after the other, just like it would in a class. You won't have to touch your computer at all during your workout! The BYOBB feature can be accessed on your laptop by hitting the "Dance Studio" button in the top left of my page!